Georgia as a progressive country in the Caucasus region has attracted many people in the world in recent years. In recent years, Georgia has been supported by Western governments and the EU due to the regional strategic situation for business and economic activity. It is also considered by many investors as an appropriate country in the field of investment, especially the issue of exports and imports.

Some Beautiful Cities of Georgia

Georgia is one of the countries that are located on both continents of Europe and Asia, and has become a good place for foreign tourists, and every day the country attracts more people and is progressing day by day. Georgia's nature and towns, like Turkey, are beautiful from stunning mountains to delicious food and hospitality of the Georgian people, which is considered one of the attractions of Georgia.


Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and the largest and most important city in the country.


Georgia's second largest city is located in the southwest of Georgia and adjacent to the Black Sea.


Georgia's third largest city, the center of the region, is located at 221 km west of Tbilisi.


Rustavi is another important city of Georgia and is the fourth most populous city in the country. Rustavi is located at 20 kilometers south-east of Tbilisi, and is one of Georgia's industrial centers.


Gori is one of the most important industrial cities in Georgia, and is located in the Shida Qartli area. Due to the transit of the Tbilisi-Poti railway line from this city, the daily production is increasing.


Metsakhta is located at the confluence of two rivers and is one of the oldest cities in Georgia. The old architecture of Georgia is visible in this city.

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